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The health of the female genital system is of primary importance for the psychophysical well-being of every woman. Undergoing preventive visits regularly increases the possibility of managing early the possible evolution of the infection of the viral agent responsible for cervical cancer.

We offer the possibility of carrying out a non-invasive diagnostic procedure, designed for women, in order to prevent the most common pathologies in the gynecological field. It is indicated not only for the prevention of gynecological tumors but also for women of childbearing age interested in conceiving.

The visits are performed by a Doctor Lucilla De Rossi specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology with years of professional experience, and also includes palpation.


The GYNECOLOGICAL CHECK UP package includes:

• Basic gynecological examination – Aimed at ascertaining the state of health of the female genital organs in order to evaluate the correct functioning of the reproductive system, as well as identifying the pathologies and dysfunctions that can affect it, improving the possibility of treatment.

• Transvaginal ultrasound – It allows, using a probe, to study the cervix, the uterus itself or the ovaries. The test serves to hypothesize the origin of bleeding or pelvic pain, and allows the nature of ovarian cysts as well as the endometrium (internal lining of the uterus) to be studied.

• Thin prep – Thin prep can be considered the evolution of the Pap Test as it improves the quality and representativeness of the preparation, significantly increasing the identification of alterations in the cells of the cervix and uterine cervix. It is a screening test that women of childbearing age should perform regularly at least every year.

The gynecological check up costs €130


Who is it aimed at?

All women over the age of 30 are recommended to have an annual gynecological examination during which the HPV test is performed. The test must be carried out, even in younger patients, if the result of a thin prep (pap test) is not negative in order to investigate the nature of any alterations in the cells of the cervix and cervix and direct the patient towards the best diagnostic and therapeutic choices.

The package includes
  • basic gynecological examination
  • HPV DNA test: the human papilloma virus (HPV) plays a primary role in the development of cervical cancer. With this genetic test, 28 different HPV genotypes are identified. The test has a high sensitivity and specificity of reaction, so it leads to a precise and early diagnosis. It is performed through a painless sampling of a sample of cells from the uterine cervix in which the presence of the virus is detected using highly effective molecular biology techniques.

Price: 120€

GYNECOLOGICAL EXAMINATION package + sexually transmitted diseases – 7 pathogens (STDs)

Who is it aimed at?

The visit associated with the STD test is recommended when you want to confirm or exclude a suspected diagnosis of sexually transmitted infection or if you want a child. The search for specific microorganisms is essential in order to identify agents that can compromise the functioning of organs and systems and cause female infertility.

The package includes
  • basic gynecological examination
  • MST test: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), also known as venereal diseases, are pathologies caused by bacteria and viruses. This test is aimed at identifying the presence, using molecular biology techniques, of 7 pathogens causing sexually transmitted infections.

Price 120€

GYNECOLOGICAL EXAMINATION + Thrombophilia Analysis package

Who is it aimed at?

The visit associated with the Thrombophilia test is aimed at all women who intend to take or who take oral contraceptives, women of advanced age who need estrogen replacement therapy, women with histories of early multiple abortions and all pregnant women who need to evaluate the thrombotic risk.

The package includes
  • basic gynecological examination
  • Thrombophilia analysis: Thrombophilia is an abnormality in blood clotting that increases the risk of thrombotic events. The thrombotic episode leads to blood clotting inside a blood vessel until it becomes blocked, the so-called “thrombus”, which can manifest itself in a mild or severe form throughout life. The test offered by Genechron includes a panel of the 6 main mutations.

Price: 120€


Obstetric Visit + Obstetric Ultrasound

The obstetric visit is a complete investigation to evaluate the progress of the pregnancy. The first is usually carried out after missed menstruation between the 7th and 10th week. Subsequent checks generally take place on a monthly basis with the exception of particular cases in which more frequent visits are required. During the obstetric visit, the specialist will ensure that the future mother is in good health, will measure blood pressure, height and body weight, and will check the conditions of uterine and cervical development.

Obstetric ultrasound is a test that allows you to check the fetus and exclude any anomalies, check its position, listen to its heartbeat, whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy, to detect the possible existence of gynecological pathologies.

Price: 125€


The gynecological examination lasts approximately 30 minutes.

WHERE Via Giunio Antonio Resti n. 63, Rome

The HPV test report: 7 working days

The STD test report: 10 working days Panel of 6

Thrombophilia mutations: 10 working days

RESULTS: Receipt of the report relating to the test performed in electronic format

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