Thrombophilia analysis: the MTHFR gene, factor V, factor II and other factors involved in blood coagulation

Thombophilia is a clinical picture characterized by the tendency to form clots and consequently suffering from thrombotic episodes. Thombofilia is an anomaly in blood coagulation, which can be hereditary or acquired during life, which increases the risk of thrombotic events. The thrombotic episode leads to blood coagulation within a blood vessel until its obstruction, the so -called “thrombus”. Stroke and heart attacks are associated with this event, but also recurring spontaneous abortions, detachment of the placenta and preeclampsia.

Hereditary thrombophilia can manifest itself in mild or severe form in the course of life. For this reason, there is an increasing interest in the use of new genetic markers to identify subjects who present a genetic predisposition to develop cardiovascular diseases.


Who is it aimed to?

All suffering from heart disease, subjects with high cholesterol, hypertensive, those who have high levels of homocysteine in the blood and family members of patients with thrombotic events. All women who intend to take or are taking oral contraceptives and women in old age who need replacement estrogen therapy. Women with early multiple abortion stories and all pregnant women who must evaluate the thrombotic risk.

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How is it performed?

To perform the test you need a blood sampling or buccal buffer. The withdrawals are performed by appointment and there is no need to fast.

The test can be carried out on a blood sample in EDTA and the withdrawal can be carried out externally to the structure. The external sample can be delivered upon compilation of the appropriate form for samples performed externally.

The reporting timing depends on the analysis and will be calculated by the acceptance of the sample.

The Genechron laboratory, thanks to modern molecular biology techniques, provides valid classic tests validated and CE-IVD tests for the analysis of genetic variants affecting genes that prepare thrombophilia.


The tests offered by Genechron include convenient panels of 6 or 15 mutations:

Panel 15 mutation at €150

  • Factor V (R506Q o 1691G/A o Leiden)
  • Factor V polimorfismo Y1702C
  • Fattore V Cambridge
  • Fattore V polimorfismo H1299R
  • Fattore II – Protrombina (G20210A)
  • MTHFR polimorfismo C677T
  • MTHFR polimorfismo A1298C
  • HPA
  • PAI-1
  • Factor XIII
  • Beta Fibrinogeno
  • APOE
  • APOB
  • ACE
  • AGT

Panel 6 mutation at €60

  • Factor V (R506Q o 1691G/A o Leiden)
  • Factor V polimorfismo H1299R
  • Factor V polimorfismo Y1702C
  • Factor II – Protrombina (G20210A)
  • MTHFR polimorfismo C677T
  • MTHFR polimorfismo A1298C

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